Free Hosting

Don't have enough for paid hosting? We got you bro!

What we have so far...

Awesome Community

Our hosting platform is supported by nerds and geeks who loves helping others, Not to mention they have years of experience with lots of things!

Dedicated Server

Currently we have one secured high capacity free public server that can accomodate up to 200 websites, and we will continue to add more as our community keeps growing.


Well, Kinda :) Knowledgebase will soon be online. for now seek help in our discord server.

CWP Control Panel

We use open source easy to learn control panel to manage your websites with script installers for WordPress, Drupal and more.

Free SSL

Yes, We have Let's Encrypt for free SSL certificates to make your website a little bit more secure, Ofcourse you could always upload your own cert of use 3rd Party CDNs :wink:


Ofcourse backups is always a must and we have it, in-case something goes wrong you could always restore.